Stouts Fire Photo Album of the crews helping families on Upper Cow Creek Road

The photos of the Stouts Fire crews working on Upper Cow Creek Road are shared with appreciation for all they have done for us this week. I wanted their family members, friends and communities to see what we see. You can be proud of them.

If you have information about these folks or want me to tag photos with their names and crews please let me know. I want to make sure they are recognized. Our community and others across that state take joy in knowing and sharing their stories. It affirms our belief in the best of the human spirit. You can reach me by clicking here

Note: At the bottom is a link in blue to 50 more photos. You can also read about these crews in other posts listed under the Stouts Fire Category

albany fire crew stouts fire

stouts fire worker at Devils Flat

A Stouts Fire crew takes a break  to let me pass

stouts fire upper cow creek road shared by shaun brink (60)a


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3 thoughts on “Stouts Fire Photo Album of the crews helping families on Upper Cow Creek Road

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos… I am a fire wife and we have two small girls at home… my husband has made many sacrifices at home to be working as a medic at the wildfires but seeing photos like this bring it all home for me. Thank you again. Also, I would LOVE a copy of the photo of our medic crew with the ambulance. If you wouldn’t mind sharing? I could give you photo credit if you would like.

    1. You and your family are so appreciated. Please share or print any of the fire photos. It is the least I can do for all you have done. I will email you a better copy

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