A Beautiful Day – Part Two

I am a late blooming artist. I spent the first 56 years of my life thinking I had zero artistic talent. I began to draw and paint when a series of sad things happened in our family.

Art gave me a way to express my feelings and bring joy into my life, especially as the tough times went on and on.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink007
Two of those tough times were when my first husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and when one of my sons was killed. I did hundreds of drawings, literally drawing out my sense of loss and coloring in my commitment to live life fully.

I put a number of the drawings into stories I wrote at that time.

A Beautiful Day is one of those stories. This is part two of the story. For part one of the story click here.
a new day (c)sbrink007
In Part One I shared about a tough day when the world seemed strange and made no sense.

a new day (c)sbrink011
When I awoke the next day though, I felt the beginnings of peace and joy.

not alone (c)sbrink
I remembered what a friend had told me. I was not alone. There were people who cared about me.


a beautiful day (c)sbrink010
Right then and there I decided it was time for me to break out of my shell.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink011
I would not sit around. I went outside and raked my yard.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink006
I sang songs

a beautiful day (c)sbrink021
and danced an Irish jig.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink013
I went for a hike in the mountains. The sun warmed my soul – and my forehead!

a beautiful day (c)sbrink003
I had an adventure in a big city

a beautiful day (c)sbrink008
and saw new places and met new people.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink012
I sat and watched the passerbys,

a beautiful day (c)sbrink019
especially the children playing with kites.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink016
Their laughter and joy made me smile.

a new day (c)sbrink013
It has been a beautiful day.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink018
I know I will have tough times again . . .

a beautiful day (c)sbrink020
but I also know that life is amazing.

a beautiful day (c)sbrink
The next time I have a rotten day,
I plan to close my eyes
and remember this beautiful day.

Shaun Brink

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  1. Thank you, you are a beautiful soul, filled with Love and bringing joy to others with your paintings, drawings, and Love..Thank you …

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