We Need You – a story from the children PART TWO

we need you(c)sbrink905
It is never too late to help us.

In Part One I shared with you that for many years I worked in the field of Child Protective Services. I worked with children and parents who were facing some of the darkest hours of their lives. Their resiliency and determination gave them the strength to overcome trauma most folks will never experience. They inspired this story.

Once again in this section the drawings are doodles done mostly on notebook paper. I kept the simple art work and the lines for it is, after all, a message form children.

The words echo the words I heard over and over from children of all ages who had experienced abuse and neglect. Some were young ones, not even in school yet. Others were teens.

Others were adults who never had healed the tired and sad child within them.

we need you116
Often they were withdrawn and afraid, at first reluctant to talk or seek help.

we need you(c)sbrinkc
In time they shared what it was like to live in a world shadowed by abuse or neglect. Some described themselves as being actors, looking at life through windows in a play they never would have written.

we need you101
Others ran from the world or were the perfect student or the toughest teen. No matter how often they seemed to push away others, inside they really wanted to be connected and safe and loved.

If you missed PART ONE click here to read the first section of this story

Written and illustrated by Shaun Brink
(c)2014 all rights reserved

we need you(c)sbrinkb
We may not seem like we are hurt or we need you. Don’t let us fool you.
The yearning for safety and peace fills our whole body.

we need you (c)sbrinkWe imagine what it would be like to feel

we need you(c)sbrinkwe dream
We dream about a place where no one will hurt us
with words
or violence
or the emptiness of neglect.

we need you111
So we wait . . .

we need you(c)sbrink500

and we try
and we look
and we hope.

we need you108
We know it is hard for you to think about children like us who are hurt.

we need you(c)sbrink700
We see the shock in your eyes when you hear about the things we have experienced.

we need you(c)sbrink505
We see the sadness in your eyes,
especially when you don’t know how to help.

we need you128
But please,
see us.
Do not forget us
or turn away from us.

we need you(c)sbrink503
You can help us.
You don’t have to be rich or have fancy words.
Just include us in your lives.

we need you(c)sbrink504
Be kind to us.

we need you(c)sbrink502
Help us to be a child again.
Read us books and give us balloons.

we need you(c)sbrink700
Encourage us to splash in the mud puddles
and dance silly dances

we need you part two401
Listen to us
with you ears and your eyes
and your heart.

we need you(c)sbrink803
Most important of all,
please give us support
and understanding.

we need you(c)sbrink501

It is not too late to help us. . . even if we are 13 years old

we need you(c)sbrink401
or 28

we need you(c)sbrink504
or 45

we need you(c)sbrink702
or even 70 years old . . .

we need you(c)sbrink906
for that hurt child in us may still be yearning for safety and peace and beauty.

We need you.

Thank you from the children. Your simple acts of caring can help the child in all of us find love and safety.

(c)2014 Sbrink
All rights reserved

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