Great posters celebrating “older” women – aging is wonderful

age I am part of a group of 78 plus “old gals” who went to high school together. This year we are turning 66.

66 years old? Wow. That is surreal.

That means it has been almost half a century since we graduated from high school.

FB_IMG_1449860824043 Half a century? Now that does seem ancient.

Then again the Antique Road Show would classify us as antique treasures. That we are.

FB_IMG_1444798333128 The thing is, none of us feel old. When we were teenagers our image of “elderly” included rocking chairs, blue hair and maybe a cane.

Not now. Elderly is elegant. Aging is freedom.

age 7 We understand now that can are not bound by rules or “have to’s.”

We are not doomed to fragility of spirit and body.

In fact many of my friends look ridiculously fit and young, of which I am just a little envious. Mostly they spur me on to keep moving and laughing.

FB_IMG_1448754066460 (2) There is Kathy E. who clears brush in the wilds of Australia. She is a grandma, business owner, motorcycle rider and artist among other roles.

The age of 66 is only a number for her, not a limit. She inspires me to try new things.

age 5 There is Melissa R. who writes poetry and just joined an innovative “intentional community” where neighbors are real neighbors not just residents on the same street.

She has taught me about taking risks and being creative.

age 10 There is Kathy R. who is a national racquetball champion and still has this infectious smile that makes others want to smile too.

She probably will never inspire me to take up racquetball. That ball goes way, way too fast for me.

However, whenever I see pictures of her I think about the silliness of stereotypes and the importance of not limiting yourself. She is a strong, vibrant woman.

age 12 I gain courage to be a unique, goofy and silly from Anita A. and Debra C. They find fun in life, no matter the challenges.

PS this is not a picture of either of them, but it could be, especially of Debra!!!

age wrinkles I will see more wrinkles twenty years from now when I look in the faces of Libby, Jeannie or Carole and the growing numbers of us who have lost and will lose loved ones.

I will also see courage, acceptance and resilience. Our wrinkles are the map of life fully lived.

11312732_10154013983259465_7002631678748710706_o One of our friends shared this old photo from 1958. We were a large graduating class in 1968 so we had several third grade classrooms in 1958.

We may not have seen ourselves directly in this photo but we saw ourselves in the faces of our friends.

We shared a world of no internet and no cell phones.

We shared a world that would soon face the Cuban missile crisis,the Beatles, the civil rights demonstrations, Twiggy and the war in Vietnam.

Our culture’s views on the role of women would radically change.

Our beliefs about old age and when it would start would change too.

IMG_20130316_153345_949 Our class photos these days show more gray hairs but no limit on the smiles.

die youngI fully expect to see us dancing for years to come, staying young at heart.

I love these young “old gals.”


getting a hug from Melissa.
getting a hug from Melissa.

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