We will live well for you

The trillium of southern oregon I share this poem in honor of our children, our husbands and wives, our friends, our community members who have died out of step with the natural sequence of life.

We grieve your passing but we will live well for you in honor of you.
(c) sbrink

For all who’ve passed before their time
from unknown cause or senseless crime
from war or hate or fear of life
or icy roads or surgeon’s knife
. . .we will live well for you

sunset in utah For all the children none could save
and soldiers young who died the brave
and cops who faced our darkest side
and took the risk and sometimes died
…we will live well for you

walking in the forest For all that is unexplainable
and sad
and dark
and temps us to fight
and extract revenge
and rave with anger
at what is
. . . we will live well for you.

14487329249571 For in this place of time between
where endings shimmer
through tears of loss
we see the thread
of timeless peace
And know
. . . We will live well for you.

Shaun Brink

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